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History and heritage

It’s hot in Brisbane, but it’s Coolangatta!

The 'It's hot in Brisbane, but it's Coolangatta!' display was exhibited at the Gold Coast Art Gallery and the Coolangatta and Southport Libraries from May to July 2008. It featured some of the stories collected for the Highway Heritage Oral History Project in 2007 and showcased objects owned by Gold Coast residents that illuminated their experiences here.

Exhibition poster

Download Exhibition flyer (PDF 1.9MB)

Almost everyone that came to the Gold Coast in the 50s, 60s and 70s came with a sense of adventure about coming to a place that was different. What attracted them to the Gold Coast and why did they put down roots here? Editted transcripts of interviews with five such people can be viewed below.


Beryl Carnell

I was the first woman to have a nightclub license in Queensland! 

  • Find out more about what Beryl had to say here.


Delores Nolan

Every time I had a break between Sydney shows or overseas shows, I'd come up and work in Surfers Paradise. 

  • Find out more about what Delores had to say here.


Jane Glohe

In 1975 I was nominated for the Miss Miami High event and I won it! 

  • Find out more about what Jane had to say here.


Lucky Grills

Eventually people wouldn't come out to our style of show anymore ... 

  • Find out more about what Lucky had to say here.


Rene Kuiper

In 1955 the beach in Surfers Paradise was a wide beach with white sand that went sqeak sqeak under your feet ... 

  • Find out more about what Rene had to say here.



Full recordings and accompanying transcripts can be accessed at the Local Studies Library located in Southport.