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Community leasing

The City makes a range of its properties available for not-for-profit community organisations to lease for sport, recreation, cultural or community purposes.

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Maintenance & renewal program

As a condition of a community lease, organisations are responsible for all repairs, maintenance, upgrades and renewals within the leased area. The implementation of the Leased Facilities Asset Management Plan has resulted in City of Gold Coast providing further support to leaseholders to assist in meeting maintenance and renewal requirements.

Under the Maintenance and Renewal Program, an inspection is conducted as part of the new lease, or lease renewal, process. This identifies the true maintenance obligations for each facility and the requirements are used to develop a Maintenance/Renewal Agreement, which is issued as part of the lease.

Each facility is also given a condition rating based on the findings of the inspection. Condition ratings range from one to five, with one being excellent and five, poor. The facility is then subject to an inspection program based on its condition. Each leaseholder will be asked to perform a Preventative Maintenance Check of their leased facility each year.

For further information, please contact:

Parks & Recreational Services
Phone: 07 5667 5972

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