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Application form for innovation proposals for the City of Gold Coast


The City of Gold Coast is dedicated to encouraging opportunities for businesses and individuals by supporting the translation of unique ideas and concepts into commercial outcomes and business value.

This form provides a straightforward method for submission of an innovation proposal to the City.

The City encourages applicants to review the Innovation applicant guide before completing this form.

Your save and continue code is 4B9T1UVP.
About the company

Fields marked with an asterisk * are mandatory (leave blank fields that do not apply).



Please read the following before proceeding to the questions section.

To assist the City to qualify applications, applicants are encouraged to complete all sections and questions.

Following submission the following questionnaire will form your official application.

About the innovation
Question 1:
Question 2:

View the corporate structure by directorate

Question 3:

The City of Gold Coast has an endorsed Corporate Plan (Gold Coast 2020).
By clicking on the interactive City Vision image please select which of the Vision objectives best represents your innovation and supports the City Plan.




Question 4:
Question 5:
Question 6:
Question 7:
Question 8:

Please provide a proposed project schedule (minimum one page) that includes timelines for planning, implementation and support and a costing model including a (preferred) three year projection. Please include in your pricing schedule: own capital, investor capital, grants or any additional capital raising required.

Please note:

  • should be no more than two pages
  • include a costings table and/or projection and schedule
Question 9:
Question 10:
Question 11:

About risk

The City has an obligation to manage risk. The following questions are directed towards the risk component for your proposed innovation.

Question 12:

Question 13:

Question 14:
Conflict of interest

Applicants are required to declare any perceived conflict of interests that may affect the consideration of their application.

Question 15:


To supplement responses to the above questions applicants are encouraged to attach a copy of their proposal and any supplementary documentation.

Applicants who "save and continue" will need to re-upload documents before submitting the form.

City of Gold Coast confidentiality statement

The City acknowledges it will be granted access to confidential information as a result of the proposal process. The City declares any business related information, data or application systems, code and documentation ('information'), disclosed in connection with the innovation proposal will be subject to the following obligations:

  1. The City will not, without the prior written consent of the applicant, disclose the information to any person;
  2. The City will not use the information for any purpose whatsoever other than that for which it was provided by the applicant;
  3. The City will, on the written request of the applicant, return all the information other than that which is, or has been disclosed or provided orally; and
  4. The City will obtain no right of any kind in or to the information upon its receipt except for the purposes for which it is provided.

Form submission

Submission of innovation proposals does not automatically infer that the City will use and/ or develop the concept, and each determination, interpretation or other action made or taken by the City with respect to a proposal will be at the discretion of the City.

Prior to submitting your application, please ensure you attach any relevant documentation.



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