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Our success in hosting events of various sizes and types throughout the year, has earned the Gold Coast an enviable reputation as an events destination.

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Pickleball Weekly Round Robin

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This is our most popular session and will book out quickly! Bookings essential due to limited spaces.

  • $8 cash, $8.50 EFTPOS
  • Play starts at 9am sharp!
  • Round robin
  • Must play minimum five games
  • 8 courts
  • Paddles supplied to new players
  • Only for people who have played pickleball before. Please attend our learn to play session first then join in next time.
  • If rained out, you will be notified
  • Check night before for RSVP player list
  • Only two RSVPs per Facebook account

This is the our player skill ratings:

  • Level 0
    Learn to play - No previous racquet or paddle skills. Has played a racquet sport in the past but does not know how to play pickleball, does not know the rules, does not know how to serve or score.
  • Level 1
    Beginner - Learning skills of game, softer play, has difficulty serving, does not come to the NVZ, plays a more social game, does not know the rules, cannot score, has attended at least one learn to play session.
  • Level 2
    Advanced Beginner - Developing skills, medium strength play with inconsistent results, unable to dink, 75% of serves go in, moves to the NVZ line, rarely attacks ball, plays a more social game, learning rules and scoring.
  • Level 3
    Intermediate - Strong play, attacks ball with consistent results, understands all the elements of the game, plays at the NVZ line, can dink with inconsistent results, expects a more competitive play, knows the rules and can score.
  • Level 4
    Advanced - Can use all the elements of the game effectively and consistently, strong play, uses tactics effectively, expects a more competitive play, knows the rules and can score.

From: 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM, Sunday, 5 July 2020


Hope Island Resort Tennis Centre






Gayle Wilson


Gold Coast North Pickleball


0403 507 780




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